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PikoTest is a simple test tool that can be plugged into an FMS interface and can be used in any make of vehicle. With PikoTest you can record data from the FMS interface and check it via internet thus enabling you to be informed at all times about the data being supplied by the FMS interface. After connection of the FMS plug, the data are automatically recorded, saved on the USB flash drive and assessed via an internet portal (www.fms-test.com). No training or extensive settings are required. In addition, PikoTest offers the possibility of determining whether a remote, download capable tachograph is available. For users of on-board computer systems, the PikoTest can be connected between the FMS interface and the on-board computer since the FMS data can be transmitted to the second CAN interface. PikoTest offers an invaluable tool for every workshop or provider of fleet management systems. Technical Data: Dimensions: 119 mm x 111 mm x 46 mm Power supply: 12V / 24V

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